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"My daughter loves all of her classes and teachers at Broadway Arts Studio! She is always asking to take more classes. As I parent and the one who is paying for the classes I love that I know she is gaining skills and learning from professionals. It has built not only her abilities, but also her confidence! We couldn't be happier!"




To maintain the quality level of training at Broadway Arts Studio, classes run year-round.   

We offer non-competition ongoing professional training classes in dancing, acting, voice, and musical theatre.  

You can start at any time.

Our teachers are trained to welcome and onboard students throughout the year.

Enrollments will roll into our summer schedule unless notice is given to drop. Please read our drop policy below if you wish to take a break or withdraw.

Very often, our classes are full, so space may be limited. If you drop your class(es), your space in that class cannot be held. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at


Class tuition is billed monthly. Tuition is based on the month, regardless of the number of weeks or holidays in any month.  

If your schedule changes and you cannot attend a class best effort will be made to move your enrollment to another class. See the absence policy and holiday closures below.

Tuition can be paid by Debit/Credit Card, ApplePay or Paypal via Auto Pay on the first of the month. All payments are made through your parent portal.

Tuition Rates 

1 Class a week  $87.00 per Month

2 Classes a week $160.00 per Month 

3 Classes a week $230.00 per Month

4 Classes a week $280.00 per Month

5 Classes a week $315.00 per Month

6 Classes a week $350.00 per Month

7 Classes a week $375.00 per Month

8 Classes a week $400.00 per Month

9 Classes a week $425.00 per Month

10 Classes a week $450.00  per Month

11 Classes a week $475.00 per Month

12 Classes a week $500.00 per Month

Sibling Discount

10% off siblings with fewer classes

Senior Discount 
10% off 


$50 - First Child

$25 - Additional Children

Registration fees are billed annually. If you discontinue all classes for any reason for more than two months and then return, you will be required to pay the registration fee upon re-enrolling.


$35 late fee if your payment is more than 7 days late.

No credit or refund is given for absences, tuition, costumes, recital fees, tickets, camp fees, workshop fees, or musical fees.

There are no refunds for camps, classes or musicals


We invest a lot in time, energy, and passion in our classes and our students.  With that in mind, we ask that you consider the personalization that we offer and ask that…

We kindly ask that families give a 30-day written notice if they choose to take a break.  If 30-day notice is not given, you will be charged for the full month.

If a student takes a break for more than 2 months, they are required to re-register and pay the re-registration fee, and there will be no guarantee of class placement.

To drop a class, please email please include the date and class that you would like to drop. Please put "Drop" in the subject line.

If you would like to take "a break," you will be required to pay the registration fee again after 2 months of absence. 


Your tuition is paying for the month of classes for that month. Tuition rates are calculated at a discounted rate based on ongoing annual enrollment.  Therefore, absences are not to be treated as credits.  

As a courtesy, we are extending a make-up policy, this is subject to change. Make-ups are intended to help your child continue developing and engaging in the arts. It is also a courtesy to ensure that if your child is ill, they will stay home, knowing that they can make up a class later.

If your child is absent, as a courtesy, you can make up the class in any class your student is age or level eligible for within 60 days as long as you stay enrolled in the class and as long as the classes are open for registration. 

If you “level up” or transfer your enrollment, we will honor your absences in the old class per our current policy.

If you unenroll from a class completely, you will lose your absences from your drop date.

It might be good to know that you can log absences on the parent portal in advance. This is very helpful for vacations or illness.  

There are no refunds for absences.

To schedule a makeup please email us at at least 48 hours in advance. 


Our recitals and showcases are optional, but you must opt out of our recitals by the opt-out date should you not want to participate. If you choose not to participate in our recitals, your child will still be able to participate 100% in our classes.  They will receive the same training as our recital students.

If you opt out, you need to inform us in writing by emailing

If you choose to be in the recital, you are required to have good attendance in your class(es), purchase the assigned costume(s), tights and shoes, and attend mandatory rehearsals and all scheduled recital performances.

If you are new to performing arts classes, please consider your child's participation in our classes as a team sport. 

Choreography, acting, and singing have both individual contributions as well as team contributions. If you have a child who plays soccer, baseball, cheer, etc. the commitment level is similar.


We do our best to keep our fees for recitals and showcases as low as possible.  More information will be announced regarding recitals via email.



Studio Closure Dates through June 2023:

Labor Day Weekend -Friday 9/1 - Monday, 9/5/2022

Halloween - 10/31

Thanksgiving Weekend- Wednesday-Sunday 11/23/22-11/26/2022

Winter Break - 12/19/22-01/02/23

Memorial Day Weekend/Last week of school for IUSD and SVUSD 

- Monday 5/27-Friday 6/2/2023.


See our dress code for all classes here.


Our studio is a warm and welcoming place. Please know that children are supervised during class time only and should not be dropped off early or picked up late. If you do need your child to stay at the studio, please let us know as a courtesy; however, in doing so does not imply that we offer supervision.


Unless prior parental and teacher authorization has been given, no photography or videotaping is allowed of any student other than your own.


Despite our safety precautions, there is a risk of contagion in any public place. By coming into the studio, you are acknowledging that you understand these risks and do not hold Broadway Arts Studio or its employees liable.

Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, Broadway Art Studio could be closed by the State of California, County of Orange or City of Lake Forest at any time for safety. In this case, there are no tuition refunds or cancellations.

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