Broadway Kids OC is a non-competitive performance group that gives performers a chance to develop their talents and shine at community events, theme parks, and other cool venues.


BROADWAY KIDS OC performance team is designed for students who want to get a little more serious about their training. It is open to any students who meet the minimum class requirements plus a BROADWAY KIDS OC class. Broadway Kids OC level placement is determined by BAS teaching artists and Directors.

The BROADWAY KIDS OC classes will focus on dance, voice, and performance technique plus serve as rehearsal time for upcoming performances. 

Note that BROADWAY KIDS OC students must attend at least 70% of their required classes. 

The weekly class requirements are as follows:

BROADWAY KIDS OC 2/3 (ages 8 & up)

Must be enrolled in at least:
1 MT Jazz, 1 Ballet, 1 Tap and 1 Voice Class (private or group), PLUS BROADWAY KIDS OC class


In addition to BAS recitals, Broadway Kids OC will participate in 3-5 performances a year which are contingent on social distancing regulations and the coronavirus. These will include community events, as well as performances at Festivals and Theme Parks as permitted by the state regulations.  Performances and Travel are optional and may require additional fees.


At BAS, we believe that performing is a gift to be used to serve others. Whether performing at a nursing home or in a Broadway show, the actors main obligation is to share their talents as a gift to the audience. This is at the heart of Broadway Kids OC. Serving others by bringing joy through the art of dance, song, and acting is what it's all about. No competitions. No trophies. No awards. Just a simple focus on giving to the community.


  • $40 performance fee to cover production costs and administrative work to create shows and organize performances.

  • BROADWAY KIDS OC class will be considered a regular tuition class when it comes to paying tuition.

  • There may additional costume fees for 2021 holiday community performances plus a recital costume for the Broadway Kids OC class. 

  • Additional performance and costume fees may apply

  • Families will have to purchase tickets for performances at venues that charge an admission fee. These may include theme parks and sporting events.